improve your business image and efficiency with a virtual office

Our virtual office services can be combined giving you the benefits of improved company image and efficient communications (telephone and business address).

We can help your business with:

Telephone Answering

Calls answered in your company name and handled as you require

  • Message taking (subject to generous limitations)
  • Free call forwarding, with seamless connection
  • Free SMS or email message forwarding
  • Free voicemail that's accessible 24/7
Next Generation Telephone Technology Project a local presence anywhere in the UK
  • We can arrange a number for any 01 or 02 area code, or
  • Bring your existing number with you, or
  • We can supply you with one of our own local area numbers

Business Address

A business address that won't reveal that you don't have a physical office

  • A professional and individually tailored mail handling service
  • Your mail processed according to your instructions
  • A faster delivery - if you require, your mail can be scanned and emailed


Additional services and other benefits

  • Free fax services (subject to generous limitations)
  • Access to administrative support services and meeting room
  • Unified Communications - our next generation telephone system could connect all your telephone numbers together, so you need never miss a call again !
  • Mobile Communications - we don't do mobile telephones, but we do do mobile integration to our system over the internet, meaning our clients can make calls from any worldwide location at BT standard rates

We offer 2 basic combinations:

  Telephone Answering + Business Address Prices start at just £94.00 (plus VAT) / month ..... fully inclusive !
  Telephone Line + Business Address Prices start at just £64.00 (plus VAT) / month ..... fully inclusive !


However, please call us (on 01780 758 500) to discuss your individual requirements so that we can match the best service to your needs. Alternatively, end us an Email. We're always happy to discuss your requirements without obligation.

For more information on the Virtual Office concept please see our FAQs.