document SCANNING

The 'less-paper office' is probably a more reailist term than 'paperless office'. We recognise that there's still a place for working paper files and these are likely to stay with us for some time. But paper documents and archives need managing and integrating with electronic data, and we can assist with this.

Why less-paper?


  • Ease of access to information
  • Multiple user access
  • Easy search capability
  • Simple information exchange
  • Combine electronic and paper data


  • Less storage space
  • Cost savings


  • Information security & confidentiality
  • Secure backup
  • Longevity of data

Regulatory Requirements:

  • HM Revenue and Customs, including VAT
  • Financial Services Authority
  • The Information Commissioner
  • The Courts (via the Government and Acts of Parliament)
  • The Health and Safety Executive

If you want to move towards a less-paper office then we can assist you get this up and running and help you maintain this. We can convert your existing paper-based archives to digital format (pdf or similar).

Document Scanning


  • A simple and secure alternative to paper
  • Conversion of your existing files
  • Ongoing service to help keep your file system paperless
  • We can help you organise yourself and your office
  • Ideal for small and growing businesses


Also, see our FAQs on achieving a paperless office. Alternatively, call us on01780 758 500, or send us an Email - we're always happy to discuss your requirements without obligation, or give you the benefit of our experience.