improve your communications with next generation telephony

With our next generation telephone system it's easy to connect all your telephone numbers together (eg office, home, mobile, etc), so you need never miss a call again !

We can arrange a geographic (ie 01 or 02) telephone number for any UK location. This amazingly affordable services is less than the cost of a tranditional landline rental - please call us for the prevailing rates.

Unified Communications

Just consider how useful it would be to be contactable wherever you are. All your telephone numbers can be programmed into our system to allow a call to follow you to wherever you are. Calls can be routed to any telephone number - including mobile numbers - so the caller doesn't have to re-dial an alternative number to reach you as our system will ring each number in sequence until it finds you. How clever is that !

We don't do mobile telephones, but we do do mobile integration to our system over the internet, meaning our clients can make calls from any worldwide location through a combination of internet and ISDN lines. As long as you have a suitable mobile telephone, it can be upgraded to allow you to connect to the internet and over this to our system. The internet part of the call routing is completely free, meaning that you can enjoy making calls anywhere at BT standard rates.

What Does It Cost? This service is only available to our clients who subscribe to our virtual office services. If you have a compliant mobile telephone, calls are charged at BT standard rates - there are no call handling charges.