get rid of your paper based files Scanning services

What if you could transform your filing cabinet(s) into a format that was as (or more) accessible but which didn't require you to provide physical space?

We operate a highly efficient bulk document scanning service at our Stamford business centre.
We can remove your documents from site, digitise these using our reliable high speed scanner and either return them to you or arrange destruction. Simple!

Try it for free - we are confident that you will be impressed with how simple it is for us to convert your documents, so we are happy to carry out a free trial. Just give us a sample of your documents and leave it to us.

Converting your paper documents to digital format could:

Our capabilities:

  • Size:
We can handle any size of document up to A3
  • Colour:
We can scan in black & white or full colour.
  • Document formats:
We can output in the following formats: TIF, PDF or JPG.
  • Sheet detection:


  • Filters:

Sensors automatically pause the scanning operation if a double feed is detected - this ensures that no pages are missed.

Single or double sided sheets are automatically detected - in any event we don't charge by the page, we charge by the sheet, meaning that the same rate applies to both single and double sided documents.

Marks such as double hole punches can be filtered to avoid producing unnecessary scanned pages.

What types of documents do we scan?

We have extensive experience in scanning a variety of different types of documents. Some of the typical types of documents we scan are: purchase invoices,
sales invoices, customer files, credit notes, delivery notes, bank statements, architects drawings and personnel files - in fact, just about anything on paper up to A3.

Long Term Document Management

Our service doesn't just stop at your archives; you can have a continuous service by having your documents routinely uploaded to digital format.

Converting your paper files to a digital format can also assist with your Business Continuity Plan. Appropriate backup and off-site storage can allow you to quickly retrieve your data and information in the event of a complete loss at your main premises; thereby allowing you to continue running your business elsewhere, despite the circumstances.